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Chiropractic Falls Church VA Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment technique used at our Falls Church chiropractic clinic to restore muscle function and eliminate muscle pain. A sterile, filiform needle is inserted into a muscle to cause the “release” of a trigger point.

It is a safe, low-cost modality that has minimal side effects when performed by a trained practitioner. Dry needling works best when combined with other conservative treatments such as therapeutic exercise and manipulations but is also an effective treatment by itself.

Important things to know about Dry Needling in Falls Church

  • Dry needling does not deliver any medication
  • Dry needling uses a sterile filament needle to treat muscle trigger points. These points are hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscle that give rise to referred pain & motor dysfunction
  • The goal of dry needling is to decrease muscle pain and restore normal muscle and joint function
  • Dry needling is a safe way to improve physical performance in athletes by accelerating pain reduction, reducing muscular stress from repetitive activities, and restoring normal tissue function
  • After a session of dry needling muscle activity dramatically reduces, which results in relaxation and decreased pain
  • Therapists who use dry needling have received extensive training specifically for this technique

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